• Since 1974 Alcochem Minerals works as a link and service partner between producers and end-users of various products. At first with a focus only on Europe and CEE but since a few years worldwide.
  • Alcochem Minerals is working in close cooperation with strategic producers
    in Spain, Sweden, China and the Netherlands.
  • Because of our experience with logistics, foreign markets and our knowledge of the products,
    Alcochem Minerals can offer sharp prices, high-level services, high quality of products and continuity of deliveries. 
  • Our main operational countries are:
    Benelux, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Nevertheless, But we deliver all over the world.
  • As Alcochem Minerals we are focusing since 2009 on
    (mineral) raw materials for the detergent, glass, and various other industries.


  1. Customized
    • Infrastructure for re-packing of material from BB to Bulk and vice versa
    • Palletizing
  2. Partnerships
  3. Long term relationships
    • Long-standing and reliable relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
  4. Quality
    • Supply chains in line with GMP+ guidelines
    • Local teams to ensure optimal handling
    • Dedicated reloading points
  5. Reliability