Optical Brighteners

Optical Brighteners are fluorescents that absorb light in the UV and Violet region and re-emit light in the Blue region. It is very often used in laundry detergents to enhance the appearance of colour of the fabric. In case of white fabric, it makes it visually whiter.

Although they are used at low levels in detergents, their contribution to the overall whiteness performance of laundry detergents is not negligible, and they are used in nearly all detergents. In fact, most white fabrics (and other white objects such as paper) are already brightened on manufacturing, and the function of a detergent brightener is to replace the original fabric brightener, which is progressively removed by the detergent on successive washes.


  • Enhance the colour of the fabric visually
  • Makes white fabric look more white

Applications:               Powder Detergents
Packing:                       25 Kg bags & big bags
Lead time:                    1 week

Technical Data Sheet: Optical Brighteners