Sodium Percarbonate

CAS#  : 15630-89-4

Sodium Percarbonate (SPC) is a free flowing, colorless, hygroscopic and water-soluble powder. It has high oxidizing properties when it comes in contact with water, due to this it’s an effective cleaning agent.

SPC is used as a bleach “substitute” in cleaning products, dishwashing tablets and laundry detergents. When SPC is dissolved in water it liberates hydrogen peroxide which works as a bleach but from temp ≥ 60  ͦC ( for lower temperatures an activator like TAED is required). It is effective for removing tea, coffee, wine, fruit and other stains without damaging o discoloring the fabric.

How does the SPC work? By attacking the chromophores groups (chemical compounds responsible of the color in the stains) of the stains by oxidation. During this process the chromophores are oxidized making them reflect no color or a color outside of the visible spectrum.

SPC is used in household cleaning products, dishwasher tablets, presoak products and powder laundry detergents.


  • Good stain removal agent
  • Will not damage the fabric and colour of the fabric
  • Environmental friendly bleaching agent

Applications:               Detergent, Dishwashing
Packing:                       25 Kg Bags, Big Bags, Bulk
Lead time:                   2 weeks

Technical Data Sheet: Sodium Percarbonate