CAS#: 10543-57-4

TAED is commonly used as a bleach activator in laundry detergents and paper pulp. In detergents, it reacts with a source of hydrogen peroxide to produce peracetic acid which is a far more efficient bleach at lower temperatures than the hydrogen peroxide.

Normally, sodium percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide in the washing liquor once it comes in contact with water, unfortunately the peroxide formed in the washing liquor only develops its oxidizing properties at ≥ 60  ͦC . This is where the TAED comes in action, it activates the release of the highly oxidizing peracetic acid at a much lower temperature ensuring that your clothes are cleaned at lower temperatures thus using less energy during the washing process.

Additionally, the peracetic acid product of the system SPC+TAED acts as disinfectant and kills bacteria and germs found in the clothes.

Can be used in powdered laundry detergents, automatic dishwashing tablets and in the production of paper.


  • Activates oxygen bleachers at low temp
  • Acts as disinfectant in combination with SPC
  • Available in White & Blue and other colours upon request

Applications:               Detergent, Dishwashing
Packing:                        25 Kg Bags, Big Bags
Lead time:                    1 week

Technical Data Sheet: TAED