Tri Sodium Citrate

CAS#     : 6132-04-3

TSC is a salt from citric acid used in the detergent industry as a sequestering builder. It helps by reducing the effect of the water hardness by attaching itself to calcium ions in water, keeping them from interfering in the washing process. It also helps to raise the Ph of the washing liquor, which assists in breaking the oily and acidic components in stains. It is normally used on phosphate-free heavy-duty laundry detergents, automatic dishwashing products and liquid detergents.


  • Softens the water
  • Improves washing process

Applications:        Detergents, dishwashing
Packing:                25 Kg Bags, Big Bags, Bulk
Lead time:             6 weeks

Technical Data Sheet: Trisodium Citrate