We have strategically located warehouses to ensure fast deliveries

  • Storage & handling
  • Safety stocks
  • ADR warehousing
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Value-added service

Working with trusted local partners gives Alcochem Minerals the possibility and flexibility to distribute materials from various warehouses.

Our warehouses are located in various strategical locations, enabling us to connect with our partners on JIT basis. At this moment we have dedicated warehouses in:

  • Poland (4 locations)
  • Russia
  • The Netherlands (3 locations)
  • Spain
  • China (2 locations)

In addition to that Alcochem Minerals is closely connected to warehouses around the globe, partnering up with local players that know the market dynamics and culture of the various countries where we serve our clients.


  • Warehousing with local teams at many strategic locations
  • Infrastructure for re-packing of material from BB to Bulk and vice versa
  • Palletizing