Alcochem Minerals BV is a family owned company founded in 1974. From history Alcochem Minerals is focussed on the distribution of natural mined Sodium Sulphate to the detergent industry in middle and Eastern Europe.

With continued successes in the distribution of raw materials, Alcochem is expanding her portfolio year by year. Today, Alcochem Minerals is supplying a wide range of chemicals being used in different industries like the Home Care industry, Glass industry, Paper industry & Feed industry

As Alcochem Minerals does not have own production facilities, we rely on the relations we have with both our suppliers as well as our clients. Suppliers are not only the producers of the raw materials, but also our logistical partners. The last one being a very important if not crucial part of our complete supply chain.

Because of the fact that we have our own office in Beijing China we are able to have a very direct sourcing in the Asian area. In addition to that we can with our own office in St. Petersburg Russia serve our relations also in this area using their native tongue and cultural specific demands.

Where we do have our standard routings with the complete supply chain including warehousing and distribution, we have the possibility to use our existing networks to set-up new supply chains when and where needed.

We have the GMP+ certificate which guarantees security of a supply chain for feed materials. Alcochem is also ISO 9001 certified.